The Journey of MAC'D

Two friends passionate about macaroni and cheese started out as pop-ups throughout San Francisco, but to reach their ultimate goal of a brick and mortar, they needed a little help. I created their fundraising video to raise brand awareness and get their story out to the public. 


From Construction to Grand Opening

MAC'D leased an existing restaurant space that needed a lot of renovations. It was humbling to capture the beginning to the grand opening. Not only do they have something to look back on, their customers can enjoy a visual representation of their history.


Showcase the Goods

What is a restaurant without great photos of its food? People may like a good story, but the food is ultimately what they come for. Entice your customers with a beautiful representation of what they will eat.


This could be your business!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking to create media for your food.